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Tesnet Finland was established in 2002.
In 2003, with the intention of expanding its operations, client base, and staff capabilities, Tesnet acquired the Finnish testing company Intellitest, which was owned by the Finnish software group Proha. Tesnet Finland has since substantially grown and now employs more than 30 employees and serves a wide variety of clients.
Tesnet Finland’s offices are located in Espoo.
Tesnet Finland has special expertise in the realm of mobile telephony. The group has, for more than 8 years, provided services to Nokia and other mobile phone companies in a variety of areas – in the fields of IT and hardware, command and control, advertising, media, mobile, and more.
Within this framework, Tesnet Finland has acquired unique expertise that ensures effective streamlining of testing processes, within the telecom world, over a wide range of products and activities.
Tesnet Finland’s main customers include: Nokia, Blyk, Elisa, Nice, Tieto, Scoopshot, and more.

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