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Want to be certain that your billing application lives up to your expectations?

Did you know? A recent analysis of billing implementation successes and failures revealed that one major factor plays a crucial role in determining the overall success of these complicated projects – the quality of billing application testing.
We know you want your billing project to be included among the successes, not the failures. To guarantee such success, it is essential that you pursue comprehensive testing, conducted by a professional and independent body, to ensure the success of your billing project.
REST ASSURED! Billing™ is a complete solution specifically developed for testing billing applications. If your organization is implementing a mission-critical billing application, choose REST ASSURED! Billing™ for complete confidence that it will always perform flawlessly.

Why is Testing so Crucial when it comes to Implementing a Billing System?
 Several significant characteristics associated with billing applications carry direct implications on the importance of testing:
• A Mission-Critical Application: A failure in your billing application may mean disaster for your operation, resulting in a loss of business and irreversible damage to its image.
•  Cross-Enterprise Implementation: Billing project have wide-ranging scope and usually include the implementation and operation of hundreds of software components by hundreds of users.
•  Numerous Software Modifications and Customization: During implementation of billing applications, you may be required make numerous modifications and customization to the software package to adapt it to the requirements of your organization.
•  Numerous interfaces to other systems: Billing systems includes numerous interfaces to other internal enterprise systems (such as ERP and CRM) as well as to external service provider systems (credit companies, banks, other service providers, etc.). This increases the complexity of the system and demands comprehensive testing.

A Comprehensive Testing Solution to Give You Confidence
 Tesnet Group’s all-encompassing solution includes the following tests, each of which is performed at different test levels, including unit, integration and system:
• Functional Tests, which represent the main tests throughout a billing testing project, include validating the applications’ functionality against project documentation. During Functional Testing, we focus on adaptations and customizations that were made to your application.
•  Load and Performance Tests examine the system’s functionality under various user loads within the new technological environment, and supports the system’s operation within a production environment.
•  Regression Tests ensure that modifications cause no regression in the system’s functions. Regression tests entail repeating functional and load and performance tests.
Together, Tesnet’s comprehensive testing allows you to move forward with confidence. Not only will you be certain that your application will work flawlessly and within the shortest possible time, but also, that your organization will realize the potential of your billing application.

Proven Methodology Based on Years of Real-World Experience
Tesnet Group’s REST ASSURED! Billing™ solution is based upon our proprietary methodology that guarantees consistently outstanding results. Our proven methodology relies on years of real-world experience in complicated testing projects. A comprehensive formula promises high quality software, shorter implementation time, and minimal risk.

Integrative Testing Automation
Automated testing tools are an integral part of the REST ASSURED! Billing™ Methodology. Tesnet Group uses the market’s leading automated testing tools, augmented by our proprietary and unique SMART Functions™, which is a sophisticated set of functions and add-ons that allow us to maximize the effectiveness of market-ready tools, and to accelerate the testing process.
Statistical revenue assurance tools are utilized throughout the billing testing project. They assist in identifying trends, preventing revenue loss by comparing previous periods’ revenues with current ones, and more.
By using automated testing tools, together with Tesnet Group’s SMART Functions™, you enjoy shorter implementation time and increased test coverage, while significantly reducing manpower involvement.

A Professional Team, for Professional Results
The people within the Tesnet Group team are the best quality assurance and testing professionals available. We recruit only motivated and talented individuals who foster our principle of bringing you the peace of mind you’re looking for, and we maintain an ongoing training program to ensure our staff is always on top of latest developments.
Tesnet Group’s teams have in-depth knowledge of numerous applications and industries (telecom, cable TV, ISPs and utilities), ensuring the delivery of high quality solutions.

Benefits and Advantages
Unique Solutions. Real Value

Tesnet Group’s REST ASSURED! Billing™ is designed to ensure that your mission-critical application will perform flawlessly. We’re not just in the business of testing. We’re in the business of giving you peace of mind.
A fine-tuned combination of best-in-class methodology and tools, professional and experienced experts, and unique tailoring to assure your Billing application’s quality are what make REST ASSURED! Billing™ the solution of choice by leading organizations worldwide.

• Your application always performs flawlessly.
•  Integrative automatic testing that shortens your implementation time, increases test coverage, and saves you money.
•  Most comprehensive testing by an impartial testing body whose only predisposition is your peace of mind.

• Tailored to ensure your successful Billing implementation.
•  Based on proven and real-world methodology.
• Vouched for by a host of satisfied customers. Leading global service providers have already benefited from our test solution.
•  A complete solution that includes everything you need: proven methodology, a professional team, automated tools and experience in similar projects.
•  Proprietary SMART Functions™ to maximize the power of automated testing tools.
•  Years of real-world experience in similar Billing implementation projects.
•  A global leader in enterprise software testing solutions.

Methodology Highlights
Leverage a Proven Methodology Based on Years of Real-World Experience
Tesnet Group’s REST ASSURED! Billing™ solution is based upon our proprietary methodology that gives you consistently outstanding results. Tesnet Group’s proven methodology relies on years of real-world experience in complicated testing projects. A comprehensive formula guarantees you get high quality software and shorter implementation time, while minimizing risks inherent in billing projects at the same time.

REST ASSURED! Billing™ Methodology
When dealing with billing systems, we give priority to batch and online processes testing where we focus on testing CDRs (Call, Detail Records) data and CSRs (Customer Service Representative screens).
 We classify our tests into two groups, both of which ensure that your billing application functions correctly:
• Different levels of billing application testing, from unit to system testing
•  Different types of billing application testing including functional, load and performance

Different Levels of Billing Application Testing Include:
• Unit testing: takes place after informal developer’s tests, unit testing tests the smallest building blocks of your application. A unit may be a screen / report / file / batch process or anything else.
•  Integration testing: once we test units, we perform integration tests, which test the interaction between units. Integration tests focus on end-to-end processes and interfaces with other modules or external applications.
• System testing: after we complete integration tests, we execute system tests, which include non-functional tests such as load and stress, security, compatibility, recovery and installation tests.
•  Batch testing: batch processes testing is based on queries / reports performed on the data before and after the batch run. Batch testing requires a large number of database comparisons which are performed using an automated test tool.

Different Types Of Billing Application Testing Include:
• Functionality: during functionality testing, we make sure that your application works according to specifications. We base our tests on the application’s documentation (SRS, Design Documents, etc.), and ensure that it functions flawlessly - just as it should.
•  Load and Performance: load and performance tests give you the certainty that your application will perform as expected and within an adequate response time. We base the tests on your most required (and popular) processes and, using load tools, we simulate virtual users who access the processes concurrently.

Integrative Testing Automation
Automated testing tools are an integrative and highly desirable component of the REST ASSURED! Billing™ Methodology. Tesnet Group uses leading automated testing tools, augmented by our proprietary SMART Functions™, which is a sophisticated set of utilities that make a dramatic difference in the performance of market-available tools. SMART Functions™ both accelerates the testing process and increases the effectiveness of automated testing tools.
By combining market-ready automated testing tools with Tesnet Group’s SMART Functions™, you will enjoy shorter implementation time, increased test coverage, while reducing reliance on error-prone human resources.


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