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REST ASSURED! Cloud Testing (e-Biz)™

Can you rely on your e-business application’s performance?

REST ASSURED! Cloud Testing is a complete solution specifically developed for testing e-business applications. It gives you the assurance you need that your mission-critical e-business application will always perform flawlessly.

Why is Testing a Crucial Step in Implementing Your E-Business Application?
 Several important characteristics of e-business applications demand quality testing:
• E-Business applications are mission-critical and visible. Even a minor e-Business malfunction can have negative implications on your organization.
•  E-Business applications are often subjected to high and unexpectedly large numbers of users and loads. Testing ensures adequate performance under such conditions.
•  E-Business applications operate in ultra-dynamic environments.
•  E-Business applications "open” your environment to many potential dangers and hazards.
•  E-Business applications must work in tandem with a variety of technologies. Creating a seamless integration between yesterday’s and today’s technology poses a challenge to any organization implementing a mission critical e-Business application.

Tesnet Group Brings You a Comprehensive e-Business Application Testing Solution
Tesnet Group’s comprehensive testing solution gives you Peace of Mind. You can be certain that your application will work flawlessly within the shortest possible time, and your organization will realize the full potential of your e-business application.

We perform these specific tests at different test levels, including unit, integration, and system test:
• Functional testing is a major component of e-Business application testing. These tests examine the system’s functionality according to its requirements.
• Load and stress tests examine the e-Business system’s anticipated response time under various loads and stress.
•  Compatibility tests examine your e-Business application’s compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, browsers and technology infrastructures in order to ensure it works correctly and flawlessly under the broadest range of configurations.
•  Usability testing will ensure that your e-Business application is user friendly and self-explanatory, and that it complies with common GUI standards. The value of usability testing is clear: if a user finds a system difficult to use, he simply won’t use it.
•  Security testing: Is it possible to be certain that your sensitive e-Business applications will withstand a malicious attack? Can you be sure that your sensitive and proprietary information will remain confidential? Tesnet Group’s security testing solutions answers those questions for leading organizations that wish to assess vulnerabilities and risks by using real-world measures.

Leverage Our Proven Methodology Based on Real-World E-Business Experience
Tesnet Group’s REST ASSURED! Cloud Testing (e-Biz)™ solution is based upon our proprietary methodology that ensures consistently outstanding results. Our proven methodology relies on years of real-world experience in complicated e-business testing projects. A comprehensive formula lets you minimize risks while giving you high quality software and a greatly reduced implementation time.

Integrative Testing Automation
Automated testing tools are an integral component of the REST ASSURED! Cloud Testing (e-Biz)™ Methodology. Tesnet Group uses today’s leading automated testing tools, and augments them with our proprietary SMART Functions™, a sophisticated set of utilities and add-ons. By combining automated testing tools with Tesnet Group’s SMART Functions™, you get the most out of market-ready tools, an accelerated testing process, shorter implementation time and increased test coverage, while significantly reducing manpower involvement.

A Professional e-Business Testing Team for e-Business Quality Assurance
Tesnet Group’s e-business team is comprised of the best quality assurance and testing professionals available. We only recruit the most motivated, experienced and talented people who strive for nothing less than your peace of mind. Furthermore, we maintain an ongoing training program to ensure our staff is always on top of latest developments. Also, our team has in-depth knowledge of numerous applications and across multiple industries, ensuring the delivery of high quality solutions.

Benefits and Advantages
Unique e-Business Testing Solutions.
Real e-Business Assurance Value

Tesnet Group’s REST ASSURED! Cloud Testing (e-Biz)™ is designed to provide confidence and certainty that your mission-critical application will perform flawlessly. We’re not just in the business of testing. We’re in the business of giving you peace of mind.
A fine-tuned combination of best-in-class methodology and tools, professional and experienced experts, and unique tailoring to assure your e-business application’s quality is what makes REST ASSURED! Cloud Testing (e-Biz) ™ the solution of choice by leading organizations worldwide.

• Your application performs flawlessly, every time.
•  Integrative automatic testing that shortens your implementation time, increases test coverage, and saves you money.
•  Most comprehensive testing by an impartial testing body whose only predisposition is your peace of mind.

• Tailored to ensure your successful e-business implementation and development.
•  Based on proven and real-world methodology.
•  Vouched for by a host of satisfied customers. Leading global organizations have already benefited from our test solution.
•  A complete solution that includes everything you need: proven methodology, a professional team, automated tools and experience in similar projects.
•  Proprietary SMART Functions™ to maximize the power of automated testing tools.
•  Years of real world experience in similar e-business implementation and development projects.
•  A global leader in enterprise software testing solutions.
Methodology Highlights
Leverage our Proven e-Business Testing Methodology Based on Years of Real World e-Business Testing Experience

Tesnet Group’s REST ASSURED! e-Biz™ solution is based upon our proprietary methodology, which delivers consistently outstanding results. Our proven methodology relies on years of real-world experience in complicated e-business testing projects. A comprehensive formula allows you to experience high quality software, shortened implementation time and minimal risks.


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