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IT Security Services
How safe is your organizational information?

As a technology grows and matures, it naturally falls into the hands of fraudulent individuals who manipulate it to steal, exposure, or destroy your company’s vital, and often proprietary, information. Securing information technology is a critical issue no matter what the industry is or the size of the organization. Sensitive information, in the wrong hands, can result in disastrous results.
To keep information safe and secure, and to ensure your peace of mind, Tesnet Group has developed a complete line of Enterprise Security Solutions.

Tests and Surveys
A variety of tests and surveys allow us to analyze and assess your organization’s strength and exposure to risks in a number of areas.
• IT security survey
• Penetration testing
• Embezzlement and frauds survey
•  Computer forensics

IT Security Strategies Development
With our securities strategies development, we characterize and plan a comprehensive IT security concept tailored to your organization. Security strategies development entails:
• IT security policy development
• Definition of IT security organizational structure and personnel training
•  Preparation of working programs for IT security
• Contingency planning/ Business Continuity Plan
• Preparation for adherence to legal requirements, regulations and standards in the IT security field
•  ISO 17799 Standard – Preparation for Compliance and Certification

Implementation and Management of IT Security Units
Tesnet Group provides consulting for the establishment of an IT security unit and assistance in on-going management and control missions:
•  Selection of security products
•  Preparation of control and audit systems
•  Development and implementation of IT security procedures
•  Training and deployment of IT security awareness
•  Assistance in the management of the security unit
•  IT security operation outsourcing

Security Solutions
• IT Security Survey
•  Penetration Testing
•  Contingency Planning/ Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
•  ISO 17799 Standard – Compliance and Certification

IT Security Survey
To analyze your organization’s security-related risks and be able to act upon the results, a thorough IT security survey is first required. This survey lets you identify possible security threats and vulnerabilities, and gives you the opportunity to take preventative measures before damage occurs.

Throughout the survey, we assess and analyze your overall security related issues, including:
• Organizational Aspects (whether an IT security system exists, whether it is being effectively implemented, etc.)
• Logical Security
•  Communications Security
•  Availability and Survivability
•  Management and Control of Security Units
•  Physical Security

By leveraging Tesnet Group’s security experts’ experience and knowhow, along with our proven methodology and automated tools, your organization can analyze your security risks, identify possible security vulnerabilities and prepare to undertake whatever measures are necessary to ensure a high level of security.

Penetration Testing
Can you be certain that your sensitive IT systems will withstand a malicious attack? Can you be sure that your sensitive and proprietary information will remain confidential?
Tesnet Group’s Penetration Testing solution answers those questions for leading organizations that wish to assess vulnerabilities and risks by using real-world measures. We map your system, just like a hostile attacker would, using automated tools to try to penetrate your system, and identify your weakest points.
Let Tesnet Group’s Penetration Testing solution put your information security to the test, and find out how vulnerable your information really is.

Test Types
• Vulnerability Scanning and Testing
• Denial of Service Testing
•  Penetration Testing
•  Code Inspection

Integrated Automated Testing Tools
Automated testing tools are an integral component of the Tesnet Group’s Penetration Testing Methodology. We use the leading automated testing tools, augmented by our proprietary SMART Functions™, which is a sophisticated set of functions that contribute dramatically in making the most out of market-ready tools, and in accelerating the testing process and its effectiveness.
By combining automated testing tools with Tesnet Group’s SMART Functions™, you experience shorter testing time, increased test coverage while significantly reducing manpower involvement.

Contingency Planning/ Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
No one can deny it: disaster might strike at any time. So it’s always advisable to be prepared for any contingency. It is very probable that your business depends heavily on your IT infrastructure. And with the emergence of e-business, many businesses cannot survive without operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even a single episode of downtime might mean disaster, so it’s wise to protect your IT investment with a professional Business Contingency Plan.
During the initial stage, we work with our customers to map the critical operational processes within an organization, and define potential "disasters”. The object of the plan is to ensure that any process that has been defined as critical will continue to function, without interruption, during a crisis.
Continuity Planning by Tesnet Group is a comprehensive and practical solution that gives you effective measures to improve your firm’s readiness for a potential disaster. We focus on three primary areas:
• Emergency response, which includes the activities that must take place during a contingency event. The aim of the operation is to protect human life and to reduce the dimensions of potential damage.
•  Recovery actions, which help to quickly and easily transfer an organization’s critical operations to an alternate site, which has been prepared in advance.
•  Restoration, which includes actions required to repair the damage, and to return to routine routines, meaning as close as possible to the situation before the contingency event took place.
 By leveraging the experience and knowhow of Tesnet Group’s security experts – , including our proven methodology, automated tools and knowledge base which support the processes – your organization can analyze its security risks, identify possible security vulnerabilities and get ready to undertake measures that will ensure high security.

ISO 17799 Standard – Preparation for Compliance and Certification
ISO 17799, the most widely recognized security standard, is comprehensive, detailed and relates to all security issues an organization may face.
ISO 17799 certification provides an organization with objective proof – internally and externally (customers, suppliers, business partners, etc.) – that you have correctly and effectively secured the information you possess in compliance with the highest standards. You are thus able to provide a high level of certainty and confidence to anyone collaborating with your company.
Compliance with ISO 17799 is a complicated process and certification is very demanding.
Tesnet Group offers a complete suite of services to organizations wishing to increase their overall security level and to obtain the ISO 17799 certification.

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