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Company Profile

Tesnet Group (TASE:TESNET), founded in 1997, is the world’s first publicly-traded Quality Assurance and
Testing company. Tesnet Group develops, implements, and delivers complete, methodology-based testing solutions for its clients’ mission-critical applications and has positioned itself as a market leader and trendsetter. With six regional offices, an international team of more than 300 experts and more than 300 clients worldwide, Tesnet Group has become synonymous with uncompromising professionalism, ground-breaking innovations, a reliable and transparent partnership with customers, and top-quality customer service.
Tesnet Group combines its expertise in enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, DWH, Billing, e-Biz, Conversion, Real Time, Security, etc.) with in-depth knowledge of the broadest range of major industrial sectors – telecom, services, retail, finance, high-tech, insurance, pharmaceuticals, utilities, government and defense.
Tesnet Group is a proud member of the Amanet Group (TASE:AMANET) which was founded in 1970 and operates as a multi-disciplinary systems house offering a wide range of solutions in the area of industrial management, engineering and logistics.

Methodology-Based Solutions
Tesnet Group brings you complete, methodology-based testing solutions to ensure the quality of your mission-critical applications. Our unique and proven REST ASSURED!™ solutions include testing solutions for ERP, CRM, billing, data warehouse and e-business applications, as well as for testing migration and conversion projects, financial-banking systems, and real time/embedded systems.

Complete QA and Testing Services
Committed to satisfying various QA and testing needs, Tesnet Group offers a complete line of customized services ranging from QA, testing and configuration management to security and training.

Automated Tools for Accelerated Processes
Automated QA and testing tools are an integrative and highly desirable component of Tesnet Group’s methodology and solutions. We use leading automated tools, augmented by our proprietary SMART Functions™, which is a sophisticated set of utilities that makes a dramatic difference in the performance of market-available tools. SMART Functions™ both accelerates the QA and testing processes, and increases the effectiveness of automated tools.

A Professional Team for Professional Results
The people within Tesnet Group team are the best quality assurance and testing professionals available. Tesnet Group’s team members have in-depth knowledge of numerous applications and industries, and automated testing tools, ensuring the delivery of high quality solutions, tailored specifically to your organization’s requirements.

Leading Global Organizations. Global Locations
Tesnet Group invites you to join other leading global organizations whose search for quality implementation assurance ended with Tesnet Group. From our regional offices around the globe we serve clients across multiple industries, including Finance, Insurance, Telecommunication, Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Medical, Government, Defense, and more.


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