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Our New Solutions

The TOSCA Testsuite™ was developed by TRICENTIS® as an innovative and technically superior solution for test management and test automation and is one of the best tools in this field. The TOSCA Testsuite™ is the driving force for the rapid growth of TRICENTIS®. TOSCA enables customers to implement new approaches in software testing, which lead to a substantial increase in efficiency ensuring functional, organizational and technical implementation support. The many deployments of TOSCA has generated an increasing demand for premium service that requires professional implementation knowhow.
TRICENTIS® and Tesnet, a market leader in software quality assurance and testing, have decided to pool their respective know-how and best practises of software testing in order to be able to provide their customers with significantly more added value.
Tesnet has signed a cooperation agreement with TRICENTIS® and obtain the "TOSCA Certified Implementation Partner” and now act as a referral partner in Germany and the United Kingdom as well as a reseller in Israel and Finland.


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Tesnet To Your Door Step

Tesnet is attentive to its customers’ needs and continually strives to develop solutions to optimally comply with their requests.

Working to take this concept to its logical implementation, Tesnet has developed "Tesnet to your Door". This solution is based upon a very near-shore model in which the Tesnet team is not located at the customer’s site but in close proximity to their offices (usually within walking distance). This methodology ensures a maximum degree of mobility when access to a customer’s site is warranted.

The "Tesnet to your Door" solution allows the customer to enjoy the best of both worlds:

• A reputable testing company that
   understands your needs.
• Taking responsibility for a selection of
   the tests or the entire testing
• Option to deploy automatic integration
• A very flexible and mobile testing team
   that can, in whole or in part,
   join the customer for,
   conferences,  meetings,
   sessions with development teams,
   users, etc.
• Reduces the cost of the testing
• Flexible business model.

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