High quality automation services ensure high quality output 

Tesnet offers its clients a wide range of automation services impacting planning, development, and operation, with leading technical tools such as CloudBeat, Experitest, and more. 

The company’s automation team is headed by our CTO, who has proven experience with a variety of DIGITAL projects, including WEB and MOBILE systems. 

Tesnet offers automation services in several models: project, service, managed service, outsourcing and offshore/nearshore service.

Transition to automation is carried out with technical tools that enable synchronization and orchestration, in addition to analytics and a central management dashboard that provide better project management control and decreased costs. 

Tesnet automation – success is assured  

Tesnet’s extensive experience in creating infrastructure and execution of automation projects for a wide range of clients in the Israeli market is based on the following principles:

Selection of an experienced automation team.

Great familiarity with the client’s needs and  the organization’s business processes. 

Selection of the automation tools most suitable to the client’s needs.

Implementation and guidance for the client’s teams regarding routine maintenance. 

Provision of manual testers during the running of scenarios.

Tesnet focuses on the client’s ROI (Return On Investment) while constantly improving quality

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