Technological Products

Tesnet offers its clients leading technological products in the testing and automation field. Our company is a VAR (Value Added Reseller) of the leading manufacturers of technological solutions: 


An advanced platform that enables synchronization and orchestration for a variety of the tests, together with analysis and a management/central dashboard. 

These unique capabilities of the tool enable the organization to better control the field of testing, shorten development cycle, increase quality, and especially substantial cost savings.

CloudBeat – Modern and continuous quality management at the touch of a button

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 Seetest Continuous Testing – an automation platform that supports WEB applications and Mobile, and operates via cloud and/or in an On Premise model. 

The platform enables secure access capability for a multi-provider of mobile devices and browsers in a variety of operating systems.

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Long term money-saving simulator

A unique product that simulates long-term money saving calculations for insurance companies and pension funds. This simulator is adapted to the funds’ statutes. This simulator is developed and maintained by Tesnet’s experts, who update it routinely in accordance with the instructions and amendments of the Insurance Supervisor. 

The monitoring mechanism for the financial data includes, among other things:

Validation of determining income.

Validation of accumulated balance.

Validation of management fees.

Validation of risk costs.

Validation of investment funds, and more.

Tesnet’s advantages and added value 

Validation of an existing situation – detection of gaps between requirements and current conditions.

Accuracy, i.e., saving time and money and preventing civil lawsuits.

Compliance with regulations – a smart system that is updated regulatory.

A smart, user-friendly system.

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