Technological consulting 

Tesnet’s experts offer its clients strategic consulting in the fields of quality assurance, automation, and testing. 

Consulting includes:

Planning, establishment, and management of test series (software, hardware, loads and automation).

Testing and quality methods with emphasis on the OOT methodology.

Selection and implementation of technological platforms for automation and management of tests, and more.

The consulting is tailored to the client’s needs and plans for the future.

Tutorials and Training

 Tesnet also offers value-added services of tutorials and  training to organizations in order  to develop quality products. The provided services offers dedicated and unique training tailored to each organization through Tesnet’s best experts, who will later accompany the organization’s managers and its teams in providing advice.

Tesnet examines the needs of the organization and integrates these needs into built-in frameworks of courses/ training built for diverse target audiences.

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