Tesnet offers its clients a variety of services in the fields of testing, quality assurance, and automation. 

The company has a team of established experts with many years of experience in leading projects and services in the quality assurance and testing fields, with technical understanding, and deep familiarity with many types of systems and business sectors. 

All the above, combined with a strong service orientation, make our company a longstanding partner of the leading companies and organizations in Israel, and a top supplier in the field of testing and quality assurance.

Tesnet is a private company that employs more than 300 professionals who specialize in testing. Tesnet is part of Amanet group. 

Staff and management

Rami Fadlon


Has been serving as the company’s CEO since 2012.

Has a bachelor’s in finance & Computer Science, and an MBA in Business Management.

Rami has extensive experience managing technical companies. He served the following positions, among others: IBM CEO, Nes Technologies Deputy CEO, Tadiran Information Systems Deputy CEO, Chairman of Tadiran Company, CEO of Tact, and more. 

Barak Vayman

VP Automation & Innovation

With the experience of over 13 years in the company,
rich and varied experience in the management of complex testing projects in Israel and abroad, specifically in implementation of automation.
serves as VP and manager of one of the company’s flag projects.

Authorized information system analyzer on behalf of Technion

Assaf Noimark Namir


Has a bachelor’s in finance and Business Management, and an MS in Computer Science. 

Assaf has 30 years of experience in the fields of computation and information systems. In 1998 he joined our company, and has since specialized in various fields: communication, finances, automation, and more. 

Haim Dolev

VP Defense Sector

Joined the company in 2012, after serving in various senior positions in Israel and abroad. Haim manages the defense  sector, with clients such as Elbit and Rafael.

Hila Kaddish Blumenthal

Recruitment Manager

Graduated with honors from Tel Aviv University with a BA in Psychology and Journalism, and an MA in
Business Management from Ben Gurion University.
Hila lives and breathes the recruitment world and holds rich and varied experience in recruitment for
the software and hardware fields. Joined the company 8 years ago and, as the company’s recruitment
manager, has since specialized in recruitment for various fields: high tech, biotech, fintech, the financial
sector, and the security sector.

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