Tesnet provides testing services to a large variety of clients in a full or partial outsourcing model according to the client’s needs. As an outsourcing supplier, the company offers a variety of professionals in the fields of software, hardware, and automation tests, in accordance with the framework determined with the clients. 

Our company employs hundreds of professionals, as well as maintaining an extensive database of available candidates. The management team, in cooperation with the company’s recruitment system, will respond to any need that arises among its clients. 

The service may be provided at the client’s premises, at an external site near the client’s office (near shore), or at Tesnet’s site.

The company’s management team in conjunction with the recruitment system consists of a wide team of recruitment experts, detection and recruitment systems, and more are prepared to provide any need that arises, small and large, to any of the clients.

In content worlds, from high-tech fields, through industry, security, banking to commerce.

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