Business models

Tesnet offers flexible solutions tailored to the client’s needs. 
The company offers different types of contracts:


On a project basis, the company offers the client a package, for a fixed objective and timeframe, at the quality and price determined in advance, to meet the client’s objectives.

Managed service 

Tesnet offers its clients a unique service in all fields of quality tests, including: software tests, hardware tests, loads and automation. On a managed service basis, the company takes upon itself full responsibility for the fulfillment of tasks required by an organization, and is rewarded according to output. In addition, a clear SLA that obliges the company is defined. This model has significant advantages, mainly: full responsibility of the supplier for the process, decreased management fees, transition to an operational model that is adjusted to the client’s changing business volume, service based on leading methodologies (ITIL, TTM) and the quality of a reputable company.


Tesnet provides testing services to a large variety of clients in a full or partial outsourcing model according to the client’s needs. As an outsourcing supplier, the company offers a variety of professionals in the fields of software, hardware, and automation tests, in accordance with the framework determined with the clients. 

Our company employs hundreds of professionals, as well as maintaining an extensive database of available candidates. The management team, in cooperation with the company’s recruitment system, will respond to any need that arises among its clients. 

The service may be provided at the client’s premises, at an external site near the client’s office (near shore), or at Tesnet’s site.

Technical products 

Tesnet offers its clients leading technical products in the testing and automation field. Our company is a VAD (Value Added Reseller) of the leading manufacturers of technical solutions:


An advanced platform that enables synchronization and orchestration for a variety of the tests, together with analysis and a management/central dashboard.


 Seetest Continuous Testing – an automation platform that supports WEB applications and Mobile, and operates via cloud and/or in an On Premise model.

Long term money-saving simulator 

A unique product that simulates long-term money saving calculations for insurance companies and pension funds. This simulator is adapted to the funds’ statutes. This simulator is developed and maintained by Tesnet’s experts, who update it routinely in accordance with the instructions and amendments of the Insurance Supervisor.

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